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LYNN (44) 5th rate Built in 1741, Deptford.
Sold in 1763.

  • 1741 Capt. Thomas PHILPOTT, appointed out of the FURNACE bomb on 5th. March but died on 13th. May the following year, sailed from Deptford for Longreach on 16th. May. The Press had been active procuring men for her and this resulted in protests - John Stocker, a lighterman with Admiralty Protection, was impressed while taking coals to Deptford Yard and Thomas Willetts, a shipwright working for Thomas Snelgrove, contracted to build the GREYHOUND and LOOE, was impressed by the lieutenant of the GOSPORT and put on the LYNN - the Admiralty was requested to release them both. LYNN had already sailed on 6th. June, with orders to convoy the ANN & SARAH tender to Dublin with arms. She reached Cork (Cove) on the 7th. and sailed for Dublin three days later.
  • LYNN and LYME, Capt. BERTIE arrived at Kinsale on 15th. December and the masters of several outbound ships asked that they should convoy them. On the 22nd they sailed with about 20 merchantmen under their convoy.
  • At the beginning of January 1743 LYNN sailed with the storeships, KING GEORGE for Carolina and the PRISCILLA and PHOENIX for Antigua and Jamaica, under convoy. 1743 Capt. Charles CATFORD, 14th. October.
  • 1744 Capt. Samuel GODDARD, West Indies under Mr KNOWLES. In March 1745, in company with a Snow, he escorted 20 sail of merchant vessels from Barbados as far as 24 deg. North latitude.
  • In February 1745 Capt. GODDARD was brought before a court martial by Adm. KNOWLES for allowing a Spanish ship from De Torres's squadron to escape from him off Porto Rico, although the enemy was in a very disabled state under jury main and mizzen masts. At the trial it was shown that Capt. GODDARD was in a very deranged state of mind, so in consequence of this he was dismissed from his command and did not recover sufficiently to commission another. He died in November 1762.
  • 1746 Capt. Robert MAN, Mediterranean.
  • 1755 Capt. James KIRK. In 1758 he convoyed the home bound fleet of 147 sail from Jamaica and on his arrival wrote to the Admiralty, in a letter that was made public on 29 October, complaining of "the disregard paid to his signals by many of the merchantmen and of the obstinate and untowardly behaviour of others, by which the fleet suffered much, but more particularly representing the irregularities committed by several of the crews on the Spanish settlements where they were obliged to put in for water, by which much offence was given to the governor of the Havanna, and much injury done to the poor people whose cattle and hogs they killed and carried off in numbers without reserve, after they had hospitably shown them where they might be supplied with water."
  • In November 1758 the sheathing was removed from LYNN at Plymouth and it was found that she was eaten by worm; repairs and re-sheathing would take a month.
  • 1759 Capt. Sir Walter STIRLING, promoted to post captain out of the SALTASH sloop. Employed as a cruiser for two years, his only capture reported was the TEMERAIRE (10), a small privateer from St. Malo. He removed into LOWESTOFFE in 1761.
  • 1761 Capt. Archibald MILLAR, 16th. June.

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