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LOOE (44) 5th rate Built in 1741, Limehouse.
Foundered in 1744.

  • 1742 Capt. The EARL OF NORTHESK.
  • The Looe, being on a cruise of Cape Finisterre and the parts adjacent, he received intelligence of a small privateer being at Porto Nova, upon which he stood in there on the 30 June 1742, but the privateer discovering him got farther up the river than the LOOE could venture, and it falling calm he was forced to anchor close to the towns of Poto Nova and St. Jago, into which he fired a few shot, then landed some men and dismounted four guns which were on a battery at Porto Nova and set fire to some houses in St. Jago. On July 7 Ld. NORTHESK met with his Majesty's ship DEAL CASTLE, commanded by Capt. ELTON, and receiving intelligence of some vessels being at Vigo, they ran up the river and anchored before the town, where they made prizes of 4 vessels, two of which they set on fire, being light and not having sails on board to bring them out. They fired several shot into the town to cover the boats while they cut away the vessels, there being a pretty smart fire at them with small arms from the shore. On July 19 upon intelligence that the privateer was still about the river of Porto Nova, the LOOE ran in and anchored under the Island of Blydones where Ld. NORTHESK put a Lieutenant and 60 men, with 2 of the ship's 6-pounders, into a sloop taken at Vigo, and sent her up the river in quest of the privateer; the sloop could see nothing of her, but in return chased a Bark on shore, and set her on fire, and Ld. NORTHESK landed some men and burned a village of about 40 houses. (London Gazette. August 31 1742)
  • 1742 Capt. DENT, appointed in September replacing Earl of NORTHESK who removed to PRESTON (60).
  • 1744 Capt. Ashby UTTING, at 8 o'clock on the morning of 4th. February LOO, cruising between Florida and Cuba, gave chase to a snow. Four hours later he came up with her She said she was the French NYMPHE bound from Louisiana to Martinique, but two members of the crew of LOOE insisted that she was the BETTY, in which they had left England but had been taken by the Spaniards. A passenger was seen to throw a packet overboard and this was recovered. It showed that the NYMPHE was being used to obtain quicksilver for use in Spanish mines. Capt. UTTING decided to take his prize to Charleston. 1744.She foundered on 2 February 5 off Sable Cape.

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