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LIZARD (24) 6th rate Built in 1694, Chatham DY.
Wrecked in 1696.

  • 1695 Capt. Joseph WELBY. Cruising against privateers in the Irish Sea. During May and June he removed to the JOLLY PRIZE then returned to LIZARD.
  • From a letter, dated Pembroke, June 30th., 1695
  • "On the 23rd. instant we had an account from Tenby, that a privateer sloop had chased a vessel on shore near the Town, and had taken another. Notice of this being sent to captain Welby, commander of his Majesty's ship the Lizard, then in our harbour, he sailed immediately, without staying for the provisions he came hither to take on board, and went in pursuit of the privateer. About four in the afternoon he retook the prize, which was a vessel of about forty tons burthen, bound to Wexford. Being afterwards informed that the same privateer had that afternoon chased another small vessel over the bar of Berry, he followed him thither; but not thinking it safe to go in with a king's ship, he got a small vessel from Tenby, and putting on board her four of his guns and forty men, went himself to take the privateer, leaving the charge of the Lizard to his lieutenant. On the 25th. he got over Berry bar, shewing but six men on the deck till he came to an anchor alongside the privateer; who, after firing ten or twelve guns, yielded (without a man being hurt on either side) together with a small vessel, her prize."
  • He was sent to the Mediterranean early in 1696 and was lost with his whole crew off Toulon on 31st. May.

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