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LIVERPOOL (44) 5th rate Built in 1741, Liverpool.
Sold in 1756.

  • The second ship built for the Royal Navy by John Okill & Co. of Liverpool, the first being HASTINGS launched four months earlier, LIVERPOOL was built to the same draught.
  • 1741 Capt. Thomas SWANTON, appointed 19th. January, cruising off the coast of Spain. On 10 January 1742 he took a New England built ship laden with corn and bound for Teneriffe. Her crew consisted of 39 Spaniards and 7 Portuguese. Early in 1744 he was ordered to the Mediterranean and died off Cyprus on 16th. July following while convoying a fleet of seven merchant ships to Turkey. The 1st. Lieutenant, John HATCH took on the duties as captain, with Lieut. DENNIS as 1st. Lieutenant and John WHEELOCK as second.
  • 1743 Capt. John BENTLEY, at Port Mahon on 19th. September. 1745 Capt. George DURELL, promoted on 3 February. He continued on the Mediterranean station until the end of the war, when she was paid off at Woolwich. On 14th. Sept. 1756 she was sold for 494 pounds.
  • She became a privateer named LIVERPOOL after she was sold but was re-purchased in September 1759 as LOOE.

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