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LICHFIELD (50) 4th rate Built in 1746, Harwich.
Wrecked in 1758.

  • In July 1744 a contract was signed with Henry Bird to build a replacement for LICHFIELD using the serviceable remains of the old ship. She was launched at Barnard's yard at Harwich on 28th. June 1746.
  • 1755 Capt. Matthew BARTON, appointed in January. Sailed with Adm. BOSCAWEN to Louisburg and Halifax. In June 1756 he took the ARC en CIEL (50), off Louisburg and returned home in December. He went out to the coast of Guinea as senior captain. From there he was ordered to the Leeward Islands and in August 1758 brought home one hundred ships under convoy.
  • When she went in a dock in Portsmouth for re-fitting it was noted that part of her lower false keel had been beaten away when she grounded on a rock in Antigua and it was proposed to strengthen her with 6 pair of breadth riders. On 11 November 1758 LICHFIELD sailed from Ireland with other men-of-war and transports under the command of Commodore KEPPEL in TORBAY (74), to capture Sallee in Morocco from the French. She went aground on the Barbary coast on 28th. November.
  • After eighteen month's slavery he was ransomed by the government and he and his crew returned home in the MARLBOROUGH storeship in August 1760. He was honourably acquitted of blame by a court martial.

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