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LICHFIELD (48) 4th rate Built in 1694, Portsmouth.
Broken up in 1744.

  • 1702 With a small squadron sent to Newfoundland under Sir Cloudesley SHOVEL to attack the French fisheries and escort the homebound trade. They returned to Portsmouth on 10th. November, having captured twenty-nine sail laden with fish and salt and destroyed the fishing boats and stages at the French settlements.
  • 1703 Capt. Lord DURSLEY, with Adm. Sir Cloudesly SHOVEL's division of the fleet which arrived off Lisbon on 24th. July.
  • 1720 Taken to pieces and rebuilt at Plymouth between 1727 and 1730.
  • 1734 Capt. Sir Yelverton PEYTON, Channel Fleet. In 1735 he accompanied Sir John Norris to Lisbon.
  • 1739 The PENTIRE, tender was lost of Ireland while procuring men to man LITCHFIELD, Lieut. COCKBURNE and fifteen men were saved and made their way to Dublin. He was still complaining to the Secretary of the Admiralty in December 1741 about the settlement of his accounts for transport, doctor's bills and clothing.
  • 1740 Capt. William CLELAND, West Indies under Sir Chaloner OGLE. Took part in the attack on Carthagena, LITCHFIELD and FALMOUTH protecting the fleet of transports from Jamaica. She also took part in the bombardment of the Chamba fort and Capt. CLELAND commanded the boats which landed a detachment of troops under the guns of the Barradera Battery. After the expedition was abandoned LITCHFIELD was ordered to cruise with STAFFORD and PRINCESS LOUISA, under Capt. MAYNE in WORCESTER, off Tiburoon until the 30th. to protect the convoy. On his return to Jamaica he was appointed to command WORCESTER.
  • 1742 James CUSACK. On 13th. August LITCHFIELD and the BONNETTA sloop escorted five transports from Jamaica to Roatan Island in the Bay of Honduras where it was proposed to form a settlement. As soon as they arrived on the 22nd they started construction of two forts, but in December a conspiracy among the American settlers was discovered which threatened the future of the colony and prompt action was taken by Capt. CUSACK to seize and punish the ringleaders. He returned soon afterwards to Jamaica where he died from fever on 19th. July 1743.
  • 1743 Capt. William BURNABY.
  • His Majesty's Ship Cumberland, Port Royal, 8th. November 1743
  • This day arrived here, from Puerto Rico, LICHFIELD, Capt. Burnaby, with two privateer sloops taken in her cruise. One called the St. Raphael, whose men all left her and went ashore having first scuttled her, endeavouring to sink her; she has ports for fourteen guns. The other, called St. Antonio de las Animas, has eight carriage guns, fourteen swivels and 42 men. Capt. Burnaby has also sunk two more privateers, one off the East end of Hispaniola, the other off the west end of Puerto Rico; he burnt another sloop in Aguada Bay, and destroyed a battery ashore, which he had got under, of four guns. Landing some men with an officer, he dismounted the said guns, knocked off the trunions, spiked them up, burnt the carriages and guard-house, and brought off the colours in the presence of a multitude of Spaniards,of whom the assailants are supposed to have killed near two hundred, and with the loss of only one man.
  • In July 1744 LICHFIELD was being taken to pieces at Woolwich.

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