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LENOX (70) 3rd rate Built in 1678, Deptford.
Used as breakwater in 1756.

  • 1739 Capt. Covill MAYNE, LENOX sailed with Adm. VERNON's squadron which left Spithead in July for the West Indies. However, together with KENT (70), Capt. DURELL, and ELIZABETH (70), Capt. FALKINGHAM, she was ordered to cruise off Cape Ortugal for thirty days, in hopes of intercepting the Spanish Azogues ships. In this they were unlucky so Commodore MAYNE returned to England to re-provision. On his next cruise, in which he was accompanied by Capt. DURELL in KENT and Capt. FIZROY in ORFORD, he fell in with the PRINCESSA (70), a powerful Spanish ship of war, on the 8th. April 1740. The Spanish ship was larger than the British 1st. Rates many of her guns were larger and most were brass. Being high built she was, unlike the British ships, able to use her lower tier of guns in the heavy seas running during the action. At about eleven o'clock LENOX brought to on the weather quarter of the enemy, while the KENT ran to leeward and engaged her with broadsides. Com. MAYNE addressed his men as follows "When you received the pay of your country you engaged yourselves to stand all dangers in her cause. Now is the trial; fight like men, for you have no hope but in your courage."
  • The ORFORD came into action later but because of her strong construction the PRINCESSA received little damage from the two latter ships. KENT and LENOX suffered badly and Capt. DURELL lost his hand, until after six hours the Spanish captain struck. The prize was brought into Portsmouth on Monday 18th. April and was bought into the Royal Navy.
  • 1745 Capt. BOWLES. Flagship of Vice Adm. Isaac TOWNSEND, Mediterranean. After receiving orders for the West Indies the admiral sailed from Gibraltar on 2nd August with the following squadron under his command - the DREADNOUGHT, WORCESTER and KINGSTON, of 60 guns; the HAMPSHIRE, ARGYLE and SEVERN of 50 guns; the GIBRALTER of 20 and the COMET bomb ketch. After a long passage he arrived off Martinique on 3rd. October.
  • 1746 Capt. LAWRENCE. Vice Adm. DAVERS, having received intelligence that M. Conflans was hourly expected at Martinique with a squadron of ships of war, one of 74 guns, another of 64 guns, with a 54 and a 44 gun ships, having under their protection a fleet of 90 merchant ships laden with stores, ammunition and provisions for the support of the colony. He immediately dispatched Capt. Cornelius Mitchel as commodore of a very sufficient force consisting of LENOX, STAFFORD (his own ship), PLYMOUTH and WORCESTER, the MILFORD and the DRAKE sloop.

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