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KINSALE (32) 5th rate Built in 1700, Kinsale.
Broken up in 1741.

  • 1724 rebuilt at Portsmouth
  • 1734 Capt. John FORRESTER, one of the ships put in commission by the Board of Admiralty on Saturday 23rd. February. With a strong squadron which sailed from Spithead on 26 May 1735 under Sir John NORRIS for Lisbon the protect the Portuguese from the Spaniards. KINGSALE was afterwards ordered to Jamaica and Capt. FORRESTER died there on 12 July 1737. l742 Hon. John HAMILTON. a cruising frigate in the Channel.
  • "On 7 September 1742, being on a cruise off Dieppe, and standing inshore, he saw a vessel lying to, which, as soon as she saw the Man of War made sail towards her, hoisting French colours; the KINSALE standing for her, they soon came within half-gunshot, when the Privateer hauled down her colours and intended to board the KINSALE, which she took for a Collier. Capt. HAMILTON has brought her into Spithead. She is a new vessel and well found, has a lute stern and a Hose Head, and is rigged sometimes as a Schooner and sometimes as a Brig, had 58 men when taken. 24 of whom were French, is mounted with 2 Carriage Guns and 13 Swivels. This Privateer is the same that engaged the GRAMPUS and killed Capt. GORDON. She took six prizes in the Channel, which she brought into Dunkirk, from whence she sailed four days ago. Her name is El Santo Christo del Portaly Nostra Seniora de la Seledad de Portegalette."
  • (Whitehall Sept. 18th. 1742)
  • 1744 Capt. Robert YOUNG.
  • Extract of a Letter from Plymouth, February 3rd. 1744.
  • "This morning came back his Majesty's Ship the Kinsale, Captain Young, who was sent to convoy the Jamaica Storeships. On seeing the Brest Squadron stood away for this Port, leaving the Fleet under the Biddeford Man of War."
  • Newfoundland station. In September 1744 Capt. YOUNG carried into execution an attack on some French ships in the harbour of Fishotte. A short time before he had captured a large ship and, manning her with 80 of his own men and as many volunteers from the shore, and fitting her with 20 guns, sent her in to the harbour with three privateers carrying 300 men. The prize led but unfortunately grounded three times, the last time swinging across the bow of the Moderate (12), one of the French ships, and having carried her by boarding, her force was then used against the four other armed ships lying in the harbour. These were taken after a desperate fight which lasted more than five hours. The prizes were the St. Denis (14), of 53 men; Marquis de Se (14), and 86 men; the Duc de Penthievre (12), and 84 men; and the Jason (14), and 80 men. Ten English were killed and and thirty wounded, but the number of French killed was estimated at about ninety. The privateers were unable to enter the harbour until after the action was over. KINSALE escorted the usual Newfoundland fleet to Lisbon in October.
  • In April 1745 KINSALE captured six of the Cape Breton fleet, brought five of them into Lisbon and sent the fifth for England. The Surprize privateer, of London, Capt. Redmond, captured another, an East Indiaman, after a long fight, but she sank before he could bring her in. Capt. YOUNG remained in command of KINSALE until his death on 10 November 1750.

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