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KINGSTON (60) 4th rate Built in 1697, Hull.
Broken up in 1736.

  • 1705 Capt. Simon or Timothy BRIDGES, because of his behaviour in the attack of the Spanish galleons, he was dismissed the service.
  • "At court-martial held on board his Majesty's ship Expedition at Port Royal, in Jamaica, the 23rd. of July 1708, Capt. Simon Bridges, commander of his Majesty's ship the Kinston, was tried for not having performed his duty in a late action with the Spanish galleons, on the coast of Carthagena, in New Spain. on the 28th., 29th. and 30th. of May last; and did appear by evidence, upon oath, that the said Capt. Bridges, through misconduct, did not use his best endeavour to engage and take the enemy, on the 28th. of May last, at night; and that he did too negligently pursue the chase of the Spanish."
  • 1735 "On Friday 29th. August twenty-two chests of silver, containing 20,000 pieces of eight, and a chest of gold, also a large quantity of Silver on the Account of Merchants were brought to the Bank in London from on board the KINGSTON and DEAL CASTLE lately arrived from Jamaica, at Portsmouth." She was taken to pieces at Portsmouth but it was decided that she should be rebuilt at Plymouth,

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