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KENNINGTON (20) 5th rate Built in 1756, Buckler's Hard.
Broken up in 1774.

  • 1756 Capt. Dudley DIGGES, April. With the squadron under Rear Adm. Charles HARDY which sailed from New York on 5th. June with 90 transports carrying troops and supplies under Lord Loudoun, bound for Halifax and intended for an assault on Louisbourg. Here they expected to be met by Vice Adm. HOLBURNE with a fleet from England, but he was delayed and did not arrive until 9th. July. Meanwhile superior French forces had reached Louisbourg.
  • They were joined there by Vice Adm. HOLBURNE and on the 20th. August he was within two miles of the entrance to the harbour at Louisburg and he could distinctly see the French admiral make the signal to un-moor. Being inferior in force, he immediately retired to Halifax, then, reinforced by an extra four ships of the line, he returned to his former station in hopes of enticing the French out to engage him.
  • On the 25th. September he was overtaken by a tremendous hurricane which lasted over fourteen hours. When the gale started the fleet were more than 40 leagues off shore and when it abated they were driven to within two miles of the breakers. The TILBURY was driven on shore and wrecked, the GRAFTON was totally disabled and her rudder was beaten off. The whole squadron was so disabled that, with the ships that he could collect, he was forced to make for England. He arrived at Spithead on 7 December, and immediately after was appointed port admiral at Portsmouth.
  • 1758 Capt. Max. JACOBS

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