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GREYHOUND (24) 6th rate Built in 1741, Limehouse.
Sold in 1768.

  • 1745 Capt. Peter DENIS, February 9th., soon after he was ordered to the WINDSOR.
  • 1745 Capt. Thomas NOEL, appointed on 12 November and employed as a cruiser on the coast of Scotland.
  • GREYHOUND, in Alross Bay, May 4th. 1746.
  • Upon my arrival here from Ireland, I was informed of Lord Loudoun being at Sky, whither I went to offer my assistance. I attempted getting to the northward, but wind and weather would not permit. Upon the 1st. instant I had an account of two large ships being at Loch Nova. The next morning at daylight I weighed, in company with the BALTIMORE, and kept plying, the wind being contrary. In the evening the TERROR joined me. Next morning at daybreak we stood for the Loch, and a little after four I crossed pretty close to the Commodore, gave him a broadside, then stood on to the other. The sloops followed my example, and we were engaged till nine o'clock, when our masts and rigging were so shattered that the sloops were not capable of keeping under sail, which was the only means by which we could propose to annoy them by, as we were inferior to them in strength. One of the French ships carried thirty-four guns, twenty-four of which were nine pounders. The other carried thirty-two, twenty-two of which were nine pounders. Wherefore, after lying at anchor for some time, and having repaired our damages as well as we could, we made sail and left them, and are now re-fitting. I have sent to the FURNACE and RAVEN to join me as soon as possible, and hope that we shall have it in our power to give a better account of them.

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