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GREYHOUND (20) 6th rate Built in 1719, Deptford.
Broken up in 1741 at Deptford.

  • 1734 Capt. John AMBROSE, appointed on 27th. March, one of the fleet under the command of Sir John NORRIS. In August 1739 it was reported in London that "GREYHOUND, having met a merchant ship belonging to Marseilles, and coming from Martinique, fired a gun to make him bring to, which the merchant had refused and had fired three times at him; but the GREYHOUND giving him a broadside, and coming soon up with him, boarded, took and carried him into Gibraltar."
  • In October 1739 it was reported that Capt. AMBROSE had met a Genoese ship from Santander, and obliged her to bring to. When she was searched he found 23 chests of silver, each containing 3080 pieces of eight, consigned to merchants in Cadiz. He took them on board the king's ship, as a place of greater safety, giving the captain a receipt and paying him the freight.
  • On Tuesday 5 August 1740 a court martial was held on board the RUSSEL man of war at Spithead with Admirals BALCHEN and STEWART and 19 captains of men of war, to try Capt. AMPROSE on the complaint of some merchants at Lisbon. The captain was honourably acquitted.
  • In 1741 Capt. AMBROSE commanded RUPERT (60).

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