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GREENWICH (54) 4th rate Built in 1730, Chatham DY.
Wrecked in 1744.

  • 1738 Capt. John CORNWALL, Barbados. 1739 Capt. Charles WINDHAM. He sailed from Spithead on 2nd November in company with NEWCASTLE, three fireships, CUMBERLAND, ELEANOR and SUCCESS, and the bombs ALDERNEY and TERRIBLE. Arrived with his convoy in Barbados from Madeira on the 1st. January and sailed again on the 3rd. He reported that they had buried nine men, and more were sick. At Port Royal, Jamaica, at the beginning of February 1740 where he was joined by VERNON's squadron, shattered by a storm during the passage from Porto Bello. VERNON sailed against Cartagena on Feb. 25th., detaching GREENWICH on 1st. March to intercept any vessels approaching from the windward. After a rather pointless bombardment of Cartagena VERNON moved along the coast, leaving GREENWICH and WINDSOR to watch for Spanish ships off Cartagena.
  • Arrived in the Downs from Jamaica after suffering damage in a storm on 7th. October 1740. At Northfleet Hope on 18th. November and Woolwich on the 20th. After arranging for tenders, to press men (The FOWLER, Thomas Rogers, master, and the ELIZABETH, Samuel PENFOLD, master) he removed into the WOOLWICH with his ship's company. GREENWICH was surveyed and taken into dock for repairs. At the same time the quarterdeck was lengthened and more shelter provided for the men. She was undocked on the 19th. May. (She had to be docked again in July to repair a leak.)
  • 1741 Capt. William Henry FLEMMING. In addition to pressed men, the crews of the SPENCE and SALTASH sloops were turned over to GREENWICH. His complaint about lack of stores was rejected by the Dockyard, the stores had been ready for months, the boatswain had not been to collect them.
  • 1741 Capt. William LAWS, August. He sailed from Woolwich on 10th. September and arrived at Kinsale on 17th. October with the LIGHTNING bomb, eleven transports, four ordnance ships and a bomb tender on their way to Jamaica. At the request of Adm. VERNON, GREENWICH was carrying 15 shipwrights who had volunteered to go to Jamaica, and six surgeon's mates. The transports carried 2000 troops.
  • 1743 Capt. Edward ALLEN, West Indies, as a cruiser on the Jamaica station. On 20th. October 1744 she was preparing to heave down alongside the LARK hulk when they were struck by hurricane force winds. Part of the hulk's broadside was torn away and both vessels were overset and sunk. Capt. ALLEN, Lieut. BETTSWORTH, and 84 of the crew were drowned. St. ALBANS, BONETTA and THUNDER were also lost in the same hurricane.

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