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GRAMPUS (14) Sloop Built in 1746, Hull.
Hulk in 1780.

  • 1757. While GRAMPUS was escorting the Iceland trade in April, the Duc d'Aumont privateer bore down on the convoy just north of Aberdeen and attempted to board GRAMPUS. After an engagement of about three-quarters of an hour the privateer struck with four men killed and ten wounded, GRAMPUS having only three men wounded. She left the prize, which mounted 16 guns and carried 94 men, at the Orkneys to refit, since she had lost her bowsprit and main-topmast, and arrived in Aberdeen on 3rd. June with 49 of the prisoners who were lodged in the Tolbooth there. They said that on their last cruise they had carried 16 ransomers to France, but this time they had been out for nine days but got nothing. The GRAMPUS went back for her prize and the rest of the prisoners.
  • 1762 Cdr. John MACBRIDE, promoted on 7 April.
  • Renamed STROMBOLO fireship in 1775.

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