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GRAFTON (70) 3rd rate Built in 1750, Portsmouth DY.
Sold in 1767.

  • On 1st. July 1749 three sailors belonging to the GRAFTON man of war, went into a house of ill-fame near the New Church in the Strand, where they were robbed of 30 guineas, 4 moldores, a banknote of 20 L, 2 watches,& c. and obtaining no satisfaction, went out vowing vengeance, and that night returned with a great number of armed sailors, who entirely demolished the place, cut the feather beds to pieces, took the wearing apparel and turned the women naked into the street, broke all the windows and seriously damaged an adjacent house; a guard of soldiers was sent from the Tilt Yard, but came too late.
  • A guard officers and 6o soldiers was ordered to do duty at Temple Bar, in order to prevent more riotous proceedings, and nine persons concerned in them were committed to Newgate.
  • At night on Sunday the 2nd July the sailors renewed their outrages and committed the same acts of violence, on two other houses of ill-fame in the Strand, in the presence of multitudes of spectators who huzza'd them. Other houses 1n the Old Bailey and Goodman's Yard were treated in the same manner.

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