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GRACE Cutter No details.
  • 1761 Lieut. John MACBRIDE.
  • Mr Macbride being off Dunkirk, and observing a dogger privateer in the road, immediately left his station to join the Maidstone, and proposed cutting out the privateer that night, if Captain Digges would let him have four boats, manned and armed, which he very readily complied with, knowing his abilities and resolution. The boats left the ship at ten o'clock at night, and when they came near the road, laid all their oars across,except two in each boat, which they muffled with baize to prevent their being heard at a distance. They rowed in that manner till they were within musket shot of the privateer; when being hailed they made no answer, but in a few minutes boarded on both sides and took possession of the vessel without the loss of a man killed, two only being wounded.
  • Mr Macbride shot the lieutenant of the privateer through the head with a musket, as he was pointing a gun into the boat; besides this person, one common man was killed, and five wounded, belonging to the enemy. This was done within half gun shot of a fort on the east side of the harbour, but it did not fire at them; and when the prisoners were secured the captors cut the cables and sailed out of the road.

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