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FOX (24) 6th rate Built in 1740, Rotherhithe.
Foundered in 1745.

  • She was launched on 1 May 1740, Capt. Harcourt MASTERS. On 7 July FOX arrived at the Nore from Long Reach waiting for orders for the Downs. In October FOX was in the Hamoaze at Plymouth having captured two Spanish Privateers. On the 10th. she was docked for a refit.
  • 1740 Capt. Richard EDWARDS, appointed 4th. November. He remained in the ship until after 1742 but is only mentioned for the capture of a Spanish privateer of 10 guns called the JUSTA REFINA.
  • At the beginning of December the petty officers and foremast-men from the SWIFT sloop, which was to be sold, were removed to FOX.
  • 1744 The FOX, being on a cruise off the coast of Portugal, fell in with on 14 March, about 20 leagues to the west of the Burlings, the famous privateer schooner belonging to Bayonna of 6 carriage guns, 6 large brass swivels of 3 pounders and 12 iron patteraroes, with 84 men. and after a chace of 5 hours took her.
  • 1744 Capt. Edmund BEAVOR. 18th. April. cruiser in the North Sea. She fell in with FALCON off Flamborough Head on 15 May 1745 and gave chase to a privateer that the sloop had engaged but was too disabled to chase. Capt. BEAVOR chased her all night and captured her about 10 the next morning. The privateer from Dunkirk mounted thirty carriage and swivel guns, and had a crew of 145 men.
  • On 14 November FOX foundered off Dunbar when she was driven ashore in a violent gale, only nine were saved.

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