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FOUGUEUX (64) 3rd rate Taken from the French in 1747.
Broken up in 1759.

  • 1754 Capt. Richard SPRY, promoted out of GIBRALTAR (20), at the end of the year and sent to America with BOSCAWEN's squadron in 1755. Detached with DUNKIRK and DEFIANCE on 6th. June to chace after four French ships that had become separated from de la Motte's squadron, FOUGUEUX and DEFIANCE captured the LYS (64), off Newfoundland on 8th. June. LYS was armed en flute with only 22 guns mounted. She was taken as a prize into Halifax and command given to Capt. John AMHERST, whose ship, MARS, had been wrecked entering Halifax in June. DUNKIRK captured the ALCIDE. Capt. SPRY remained at Halifax during the winter, commanding a small squadron watching the French at Louisburg. He captured three transports laden with valuable stores and the ARC-EN-CIEL (50). which was taken into the Royal Navy. He later removed to the OXFORD.

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