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FOUDROYANT (20) 2nd rate Taken from the French in 1758.
Broken up in 1787.

  • 1778 Capt. John JERVIS, On 17th. June FOUDROYANT, COURAGEAUX and ROBUSTE brought into the fleet the PALLAS, a French frigate of 32 guns, Papers were found on board which gave Adm. KEPPEL an accurate account of their force at Brest. This information decided him to return to Portmouth to reinforce and on the 27th. June the fleet anchored at Spithead.
  • In 1782 Capt. JERVIS was under the orders of Vice Adm. BARRINGTON and was sent out with a small squadron to intercept a French convoy, then ready for sea at Brest, and bound for the East Indies.
  • "Proceedings of his majesty's ship the Foudroyant
  • Near sunset on the 20th., I was near enough to discover the enemy consisted of three or four ships of war, two of them, at least, of the line, with seventeen or eighteen sail under their convoy, and that rhe latter dispersed by signal. At half past nine I observed the smallest of the ships of war to speak with the headmost, and then bear away. At a quarter past ten the sternmost line of battle ships perceiving that we came up with her very fast, bore up also. I pursued her, and at forty-seven minutes after twelve brought her to close action, which continued three-quarters of an hour; when having laid her aboard on the larboard quarter, the French ship of war Pegase, of 74 guns, and 700 men, commanded by the chevalier de Cillart, surrendered.
  • I am happy to inform you, that only two or three people, with myself, are lightly wounded; but I learn from the chevalier de Cillart that the Le Pegase suffered very great carnage, and was materially damaged in her masts and yards, the mizzen-mast and fore-top-mast having gone away soon after the action ceased."

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