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FORTUNE (14) Sloop The recaptured (in 1746) FALCON of 1744.
Sold in 1770.

  • 1754 Cdr. John MAPLESDEN, Gibraltar.
  • Admiralty Office.
  • Captured Maplesden of his majesty's sloop Fortune in his letter of 22nd of last month, from Gibraltar Bay, gives an account, that upon he receiving intelligence of the Barbary cruiser, belonging to Larrach, being ready for sea, he, on the 9th. proceeded thither with his majesty's sloops Fortune and Raven, and found the said cruiser there. On his arrival the Alcaide, in the name of the Grand Bashaw of Salee, with the master of the cruiser, came on board, declaring, "That the ship now fitted out for a cruise at Larrach should never commit any hostilities on the English wherever they should happen to meet with any, as they are now in profound peace with them, and desire to always continue so."
  • FORTUNE took part in Adm BYNG's encounter with the French fleet on 19th. May 1756 and two days later was appointed captain of PORTLAND.

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