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FERRET (14) Sloop Built in 1760, Rotherhithe.
Foundered in 1776.

  • 1760 Capt. Peter CLARKE, on the 4th. February 1762, being on a cruise to the windward of the island of Porto Rico, took a Spanish sloop, the master of which, on condition that his vessel should be restored to him, promised to show Capt. CLARKE a Spanish ship of great value at anchor not far off. As soon as the ship was distinctly seen, the vessel was restored. Capt. CLARKE found great difficulty in getting at the enemy, whose ship was at anchor in a bay, behind a reef of rocks and a sand bank. For three days he he stood off, sending his boats in at night to sound the bay, when they at last found a channel with fifteen feet of water. So early next morning he entered the channel and stood for the enemy, who, as soon as the FERRET came within reach of their guns, kept up an incessant but ill-directed fire on her. The FERRET had got within point blank range when she unfortunately grounded, but her broadside bearing on the enemy, she returned the fire for nearly two hours, when the enemy, having lowered their colours, took to their boats and abandoned their ship. Capt. CLARKE immediately sent his boats on board and, bound from Caraccus to Cadiz, she proved a very valuable prize. Capt. CLARKE was soon appointed to a post ship.
  • 1764 Capt. James BREMER, Portsmouth, from the Zephyr sloop he was appointed in January to FERRET which was fitting out for a voyage to the West Indies.
  • 1776 Com. James RODNEY, foundered in August 1776 in the West Indies during a hurricane.

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