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FALMOUTH (50) 4th rate Built in 1708, Woolwich Dy.
Broken up in 1747.

  • 1708 Capt. Walter RIDDLE (RYDDELL), appointed in February. At the end of the year he was ordered to New England and returned with a convoy in May 1709.
  • Admiralty Office May 24th. 1709.
  • Her majesty's ship Falmouth of 50 guns, Captain Walter Ryddell, in her passage from New England, with some ships loaded with masts, and others under her convoy, was, on the 18th. of this month, attacked by a French ship of war of 60 guns, about twenty-four leagues from Scilly; and captain Ryddell perceiving that the enemy did intend to board him, he filled his head-sails, and laid her on board under her bowsprit directly athwart her hawse, and raked her fore and aft with his cannon. The enemy continued in this posture about an hour and a half, during which time he entered many men, but they were repulsed; however the number of men on board her being much greater than those in the Falmouth, it occasioned various turns; but at length he thought fit to retire, having first cut all the lanyards of Falmouth's fore and mizzen shrouds, believing it might prevent her following to rescue the convoy, which the enemy stood after. Notwithstanding which, the captain did with such diligence follow him, as enabled him to preserve them and to bring them into Plymouth. In this action Falmouth had 13 men killed and 56 wounded; the captain himself received a wound in his right leg, and several other hurts; and the second lieutenant, and Mr Lawrence, one of the volunteers, were shot through the body. Falmouth had on board her 20,000 L of New England money at the time of the engagement.
  • In 1710 FALMOUTH accompanied Capt. George MARTIN in DRAGON on a successful against the French settlement of Port Royal in Nova Scotia, then called Arcadia.
  • In 1712 FALMOUTH was based off the coast of Guinea where Capt. RIDDELL and Capt. MABBOT of the MARY GALLEY had a spirited engagement with two French ships which managed to effect their escape.

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