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FALCON (32) 4th rate Built in 1704, Deptford.
Captured by the French 1709.

  • 1704 Capt. Charles STEWART, (1 Dec. 1704) who, at the age of 16, lost his right hand in action with a French ship off Dover. In 1705 he removed to PANTHER.
  • 1705 Capt. Robert DELAVAL, who, following the orders of the Earl of Peterborough and Sir John LEAKE, brought his brother, George DELAVAL, as a passenger back to England with the news of the surrender of Barcelona on 25 September 1705.
  • 1706 Capt. Bartholomew CANDLER.
  • 1706 Capt. Sir Charles RICH, who died in England on 17 October 1706.
  • 1708 Capt. Richard ROWZIER (2 Oct.1708)
  • 1709 Capt. Charles CONSTABLE. Mediterranean. In December FALCON and PEMBROKE (64), were cruising off the French coast when, on the 25th., they fell in with five sail which they at first believed to be part of Sir Edward WHITTAKER's squadron. When they discovered that they were flying French colours they made the private signal, upon which two ships hoisted English colours and a third Dutch, the other vessels parting company towards Antibes. The English captains were not deceived and stood away with all sail, but did not have the advantage of a breeze that was still with the enemy. The three vessels, one of 70 guns, one of 56 and one of 50, soon came up with PEMBROKE and after a smart action in which Capt. RUMSEY was killed, took possession of her. The two smaller ships pursued FALCON which did not strike until Capt. CONSTABLE received a shot through the shoulder and no more than 16 members of his crew unwounded. He was promoted to PANTHER on his return from captivity.

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