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FALCON (14) Sloop Built in 1744, Harwich.
Sold in 1770.

  • Captured by the French 1745, recaptured 1746 - renamed FORTUNE)
  • 1745 Cdr. Hon. John BERMINGHAM. In February, close in to Dunkirk, he captured a French privateer of 8 guns called the UNION, and another of the same force in March.
  • May 18th. 1745
  • His majesty's ship the Falcon, the Honourable John Birmingham, commander, of fourteen six pounders and about 70 men, fell in last Tuesday, off Flamborough Head, with a French privateer of eighteen 9-pounders, six 6-pounders, and about 200 men. The Falcon fought her for several glasses, but night coming on they both lay to, and in the morning resumed the engagement, when the privateer having lost a great many men, thought it better to sheer off. The Fox man of war, of 20 guns, soon after falling in with the Falcon, immediately gave chase to the privateer, who had not got out of sight, so we expect shortly to have a good account of her. The captain of the Falcon had his leg shot off above the knee in the engagement; but none of the crew were killed, and only two hurt.
  • Cdr. BERMINGHAM was promoted to the GLASGOW frigate to reward his gallantry, but did not. survive his wound.
  • The privateer he fought was captured by FOX (see below).

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