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EAGLE (70) 3rd rate Built in 1679, Portsmouth DY.
Wrecked in 1707.

  • 1692 Capt. John LEAKE. (later Admiral Sir John) His first lieutenant was Stephen MARTIN, who afterwards took the name of Stephen Martin Leake when Sir John made him his heir.
  • EAGLE was with Admiral RUSSELL's fleet of 63 ships of the line which, with 36 Dutch ships, was in action with a French fleet of only 44, on 19 May off Barfleur. The day was misty and by evening the fog had become so thick that the ships were forced to cease firing and the French took the opportunity to withdraw. On the 21st. a large number of French ships was seen entering the Bay of La Hogue and the Anglo-English fleet anchored outside in the evening. Off La Hogue a cannon shot passed between Capt. LEAKE and his 1st. lieutenant who had already received two wounds, nevertheless Lieut. MARTIN commanded EAGLE's boats when, on the 23rd., the boats of the fleet went in and burnt six of the French with fireships.
  • 1699 rebuilt at Chatham.
  • 1702 EAGLE was with Sir George ROOK's Anglo-Dutch fleet which anchored off Cadiz on 12 August. Without much of a plan of campaign and a sequence of futile Councils of War the fleet left the neighbourhood of Cadiz on 19 September having accomplished nothing but the capture of one fort and the looting by drunken troops of the abandoned town of Puerta Santa Maria. On the way home Capt. HARDY in PEMBROKE was sent with EAGLE, STIRLING CASTLE and several of the transports to water in Lagos Bay. When they entered the bay on the 22nd and some of the officers went ashore they learnt from a boastful French consul that Spanish Galleons and a French squadron were at Vigo (see PEMBROKE).
  • 1702 Capt. Lord Archibald HAMILTON, who was appointed on the return of the Cadiz fleet to England. In 1703 he accompanied Sir Coudsly Shovell to the Mediterranean and returned there in 1704 with Sir George ROOK. The Archduke Charles, who was convoyed to Lisbon presented Lord Hamilton with his picture set with diamonds and a purse of one hundred guineas. ROOK sailed from Lisbon at the end of April, bombarded Barcelona and landed then re-embarked troops, then sailed for Nice, which was threatened by a French army. A French fleet making for Toulon was sighted and followed for a while before ROOK turned back to the Straits of Gibraltar. They watered in Altea Bay where EAGLE and HAMPTON COURT were sent in ahead; the governor fired on them with two guns mounted on a tower but these were soon silenced and dismounted by fire from the ships. EAGLE took part in the capture of Gibraltar and the Battle off Velez Malagar. In the latter EAGLE had 65 men killed and wounded and her great expenditure of shot compelled her to quit the line about two hours before nightfall, having nothing left to fire at the enemy. For this he was obliged to face a court martial by which he was honourably acquitted.
  • Wrecked in the Scilly Is. on 22 October 1707.

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