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EAGLE (58) 4th rate Built in 1745, Harwich.
Sold in 1767.

  • 1755 Capt. Hugh PALLISER. On 30 May 1757 EAGLE and MEDWAY, cruising in company in the Bay of Biscay, fell in during the night with a French India ship named the Duc D'Aquitaine, mounting fifty French 18 pounders on two decks and 495 men. She had landed her cargo at Lisbon and was on her way to L'Orient. At daylight it was seen that her lower tier guns were run out so MEDWAY shortened sail in order to clear ship for action; this gave EAGLE, who had already cleared, the opportunity to pass and open fire at only two ship's lengths so almost every shot struck. After a short action she had already struck by the time MEDWAY came up. Her main and mizzen masts had fallen, 51 men had been killed and an unknown number killed; there were 97 shot-holes through both sides. EAGLE had 10 men killed and 32 wounded and had 21 shot-holes.

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