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DUKE (8) Fireship Purchased in 1739.
Expended in 1742.

  • 1741 Cdr. RUE. Mediterranean.
  • 1741 Cdr. Smith CALLIS, who was promoted from lieutenant about the end of 1741 to command the fireship.
  • Whitehall, July 10th. 1742.
    By letters from Vice Ad. MATTHEWS dated 14 June in Villa Franca harbour, and brought by Capt. Callis of the Duke fireship, there is news that Capt. NORRIS, upon his cruise between Cape Rous and Villa Franca, having notice of five Spanish Gallies being sailed from Margaretta to St. Tropez, he immediately followed them thither with his Majesty's ships under his command, in order to detain them there till he should receive orders from the Admiral concerning them; but that the said Spanish gallies having begun to fire upon the king's ships, and thereby broken the rules which are usually observed in a neutral port, Capt. NORRIS immediately gave orders to the DUKE fireship to set fire to them; which being duly executed by said Capt. CALLIS, they were all immediately destroyed
  • The king honoured Capt CALLIS with a gold chain and medal and, on 4 August, he was promoted to command ASSISTANCE (50).

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