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DRUID (16) Sloop Purchased in 1776.
Sold in 1783.

  • 1777 Capt. CARTERET. On September 4th., being in the latitude of 40 deg. 20 min north, and longitude 50 deg. 17 min. west, with the North American trade under the convoy of CAMEL (20), and the DRUID and WEAZLE sloops, discovered a strange sail bearing down on them; at five p.m. she had approached within pistol shot of the DRUID, which was at some distance to windward of the convoy, and hoisted American colours, and at the same time desired Capt. CARTARET to surrender to Congress, followed by firing a broadside into DRUID. Capt. CARTARET was so dangerously wounded that he was obliged to be carried off the deck, and the same time the Master was killed. Lieut. John BOUCHIER. on whom the command devolved, maintained the action with great bravery, until half past six, when the enemy howled to windward and made sail. Lieut. BOUCHIER used every effort to pursue her, but the DRUID was a complete wreck, her masts, rigging and sails cut to pieces, and five feet of water in her hold. The CAMEL and the WEAZLE were too far to leeward to render any assistance. The enemy appeared to be a frigate of 38 to 40 guns. When Capt. FINCH of CAMEL joined the DRUID he found that she was in too shattered to continue the voyage so ordered Lieut. BOUCHIER to proceed with her to England, where he was promoted to the rank of master and commander as a reward for his bravery.
  • Renamed BLAST fireship Sept. 1779.

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