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DREADNOUGHT (60) 4th rate Built in 1742, Deptford.
Sold in 1784.

  • 1755 Capt. Maurice SUCKLING, appointed 2nd December and ordered to the West Indies after the outbreak of war. On the 25 October 1757 Capt. FORREST in the AUGUSTA, with the DREADNOUGHT and the EDINBURGH under his orders, returned from a cruise off Cape Francois on the 21st., and fell in with seven French ships of war. The enemy were the INTREPIDE and SCEPTRE of 74 guns, the OPINEATRE of 64, L'OUTARDE of 44, the GREENWICH of 50 and the SAVAGE and UNICORN of 30 guns.
  • "The Dreadnought getting on the Intrepide's bow, kept her helm hard on starboard to rake her, or if she proceeded, to fall on board in the advantageous situation; but she chose to bear up, and continued to do so during the action till she fell disabled. By thus bearing short on her own ship, those astern were thrown into disorder, from which they never recovered; and when the Intrepide dropped, and was relieved by the Opiniatre, the Greenwich in confusion got on board her, while the Sceptre pressing on, the whole number are furiously cannonaded by the Edinburgh and Augusta, especially the Intrepide, which lay dismantled in a very shattered condition, having a signal out for relief."
  • For details of the action see AUGUSTA.

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