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DORSETSHIRE (80) 3rd rate Built in 1694, Southampton.
Sold in 1749.

  • 1712 Rebuilt at Portsmouth.
  • 1718 Capt. John FURZER, under Rear Adm.DELAVAL, in the expedition to the Mediterranean under Sir George BYNG.
  • 1720 Capt. Thomas GARLINGTON, under Rear Adm. Edward HOPSON. 1741 In ordinary at Portsmouth.
  • 1745 A Court Martial was held on board the LONDON at Chatham on Sept. 25. 1745.
  • Sir Chaloner OGLE, President.
  • On the 24th. the Lieutenants of the Dorsetshire were tried for advising their Captain Burrish, not to comply with an order sent by the Admiral by Lieut. Bentley (now captain) to go to the Admiral's assistance. The message was private, to be delivered by Mr Bentley to Capt. Burrish, and the charge only supported by Capt. Cole of the Marines; but seven witnesses were positive that they heard the Lieutenants advise Capt. Burrish to obey the Admiral's orders. Upon the whole the court unanimously acquitted the Lieutenants, and the President ordered their discharge.
  • On the 25th. Capt. Burrish himself was called to the bar. The charge against him was
  • 1. Not engaging within point-blank; withdrawing from the battle, and out of his proper station in the line.
  • 2. Not bearing down and engaging in his station, notwithstanding Admiral Matthews sent him two separate orders to engage the enemy, in return to which he pretended that he had no powder filled although an engagement had been expected for several days.
  • 3. Firing, when he was sure of not reaching the enemy, upon a point blank, contrary to his instructions and duty.
  • 4. Not assisting and relieving the Marlborough, (though the next ship, and capable of giving her assistance) agreeable to his instructions, and two separate orders sent to him by Lieut. Bentley from Adm. Matthews.
  • 5. Not covering and conducting the fireship, which therein blew up, notwithstanding the deceased captain of the fireship did hail him and request assistance from him.
  • In support of this charge were examined near 20 witnesses.
  • The court martial sentenced Captain Burrish, late commander of his majesty's ship the Dorsetshire, to be broke, and rendered incapable of ever serving in his majesty's navy.

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