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DEVONSHIRE (80) 3rd rate Built in 1692, Bursledon.
Lost in action 1707.

  • 1692 Capt. Capt. Henry HAUGHTON, with Ad. Edward RUSSELL'S fleet at the battle of Barfleur in May between 44 French ships of the line under the Comte de Tourville and 99 in the Anglo-Dutch fleet.
  • 1704 rebuilt.
  • 1706 Capt. John WATKINS, flagship of Ad. Sir John JENNINGS, ordered to the West Indies at the end of August. When they returned in April 1707 the admiral struck his flag and Capt. WATKINS continued in command as a private captain. On 9th. October DEVONSHIRE was with the squadron of five ships under Commodore Richard EDWARDS in CUMBERLAND which sailed from Plymouth to escort a convoy of about 130 sail of merchantmen bound for Lisbon. The following day they were intercepted off the Lizard by two French squadrons under Claude Forbin and Du Guay Trouin totalling either 14 or 12 ships, the French accounts differ in nearly every respect. The English ships drew up in line of battle and intercepted the enemy, which allowed most of the convoy to escape. CUMBERLAND, CHESTER and RUBY were taken, ROYAL OAK escaped into Kingsale with a few merchantmen. DEVONSHIRE defended herself for several hours against seven French ships until five in the evening when she accidentally blew up, only two men escaping out of 900.

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