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DEPTFORD (60) 4th rate Built in 1732, Deptford.
Sold in 1767.

  • 1741 Capt. MOSTYN, Jamaica.
  • 1744 Capt. John PHILLIPSON, in the spring of 1744 he was advanced out of DOLPHIN to be captain to Commodore Curtis BARNET who was appointed to be commander-in-chief on the East Indies station. His small squadron sailed from Spithead on 5 May. Capt, PHILLIPSON died on 30 March 1746 and was succeeded by Capt. John MOORE of DOLPHIN. Soon after the squadron quitted Madagascar, where they had put in for a supply of water, DEPTFORD and other ships including MEDWAY, Capt. PEYTON, were detached to the Straits of Malacca. On the way there they captured in the port of Achin a French privateer ready to cruise in the South China Sea. In the Straits they captured a French merchant vessel from Manila of considerable value. Commodore BARNET died on 29 April 1746 and was succeeded by Mr PEYTON. Capt. MOORE returned to England in the DEPTFORD with a convoy of India ships.
  • 1747 Capt. Thomas LAKE. With Rear Ad. BOSCAWEN's squadron which arrived off Mauritius in June 1748. BOSCAWEN was unaware of the weakened state of the French garrison, decided not to attack and continued on to Cuddalore to prepare for the siege of Pondicherry. Although he had sufficient ships and men, his engineers were inadequate, the weather was bad and his men were sickly so the attempt was abandoned in October.
  • 1752 Capt. Hon. George EDGECUMBE was appointed to her after she received a major refit in which she was reduced to 50 guns. He later removed to GIBRALTAR.
  • 1755 Capt. John AMHERST. DEPTFORD was one of the ships already in the Mediterranean under Commodore EGDGECUMBE (DEPTFORD, PORTLAND, PRINCESS LOUISA, CHESTERFIELD, PHOENIX, FORTUNE and DOLPHIN) which were attached to Vice Ad. George BYNG's fleet which sailed from Gibraltar on 8 May, having received intelligence that the French had landed an army in Minorca. Mr BYNG, considering DEPTFORD to be too small, removed her from the line during the subsequent action with the French fleet off Toulon. When INTREPID was disabled, DEPTFORD was ordered to take her place, but by this time the action had ceased. Capt. ANHURST was appointed to CAPTAIN in place of Capt. CATFORD who was ordered home for the trial of Mr BYNG.
  • 1759 Capt. John HOLLWELL, with Rear Ad. George RODNEY's squadron which was sent from St. Helen's on 2 July to Le Havre to bombard the boats that had been assembled there for the invasion of England. The bombs threw shells into the boats and the town for fifty hours doing great damage.
  • She came in to Portsmouth on 24th. September 1759 to victual and the admiral returned to his station on the 26th.
  • 1761 Capt. Dudley DIGGES, who was appointed to her about November. He was immediately ordered to the West Indies and in 1762 he was with the fleet on the Jamaica station under Sir George POCOCK which took part in the reduction of Havana.

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