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CHESTER (48) 4th rate Built in 1691, Woolwich DY.
Captured in 1707.

  • 1705 Capt. Henry WILD. The following year he left his command and the Navy.
  • 1707 Capt. John BALCHEN. In September CHESTER and RUBY (48), were ordered to escort a convoy to Lisbon. Because of it's importance, it included stores and provisions and more than 1000 horses for the campaign in Spain, it was decided to strengthen the escort with the addition of the DEVONSHIRE (80), Capt. WATKINS, CUMBERLAND (80), and the RUBY (76), under the command of Commodore EDWARDS, who was to accompany them until 50 leagues S. W. of Scilly. The fleet sailed from Plymouth on 9 October and the following day, off the Lizard, they were intercepted by two French squadrons under the Count de Forbin and Du Guai Trouin, consisting of 14 ships, 10 being two-deckers. The English ships made a gallant but fruitless defence; the DEVONSHIRE caught fire and blew up, the others were captured. Capt. BALCHEN was exchanged towards the end of 1708 and was honourably acquitted at his court martial on 27 October.

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