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CHATHAM 4th rate Built in 1691, Chatham DY.
Broken up in 1762.

  • 1697 With Commodore SYMOND's squadron.
  • 1702 Capt William BOKENHAM, who was ordered to cruise off the French coast prior to the re-commencement of the war.
  • Letter from Deal, dated March 25 1703.
  • Her majesty's ship the Chatham, captain Bokenham, came this day into the Downes, having been on the French coast with other of her majesty's ships. Two days ago, being about two leagues to the westward of Diepe, he chased a French snow, which running ashore, he sent his boat to get her off, as they did; but the country people came down and made some resistance; and the boats crew firing upon them killed two of them, the rest ran away. Yesterday her majesty's said ships, being off Beachy Head, chased another snow which was taken by her majesty's ship, the Charles Galley, Capt. Taylor commander. She belonged to the French king, and carried ten guns and fifty-eight men. She came out of the port of Diepe about four days before.
  • In August he was more successful. CHATHAM was in the Soundings with MEDWAY (60), and WORCESTER (48), as part of a squadron under Rear Ad. DILKES sent to cruise in the Channel after convoying an outward bound convoy and -
  • Capt. Robert Bokenham, being ahead of the others, about two in the morning, fell in with two French ships of war, called the Jason and the Auguste, which getting between her and the other two, she engaged them at a distance of about pistol-shot; but when it was broad day-light they, seeing our strength, left her, and endeavoured to make their escape; whereupon she chased them, and coming within gunshot about noon, they exchanged their broadsides at each other. At five in the afternoon the French ships separated, and about eight at night the Worcester, captain Thomas Butler, engaged the Jason, while the Chatham was in fight with the Auguste. The Medway, captain James LITTLETON coming up, Auguste struck, having four and fifty guns mounted and 420 men, commanded by the chevalier Nesmond, and being a very good ship, not above twelve months old, she was added to the royal navy.
  • In January 1705, about thirty leagues west of Cape Clear, he fell in with a large French private ship of war called the CONSTABLE, of St Marlo, and captured her after an action lasting an hour, in which CHATHAM had eight men killed and wounded, the enemy thirty. Not long after he returned to port with his prize he was appointed to command the AUGUSTE. He died in command of her in August 1707.

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