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CHARLES GALLEY (32) 5th rate Built in 1676, Woolwich DY.
Sold as TORRINGTON in 1744 after three rebuilds.

  • 1679 With Vice Ad. Arthur HERBERT, coast of Portugal. Lieut. Matthew AYLMER was removed from her to command ADVENTURE on 7 Feb. 1679.
  • 1690 Capt. John CROFTS. Took part in the assault on Cork in September. When BREDA blew up on 12 October Capt. CROFTS became senior officer and brought the squadron back to the Downs.
  • 1692 Capt. James BUCK. While escorting a convoy to Elsinore in July, Capt. BUCK and Capt. WISHART of the MARY GALLY (32), fought four French privateers and recaptured the TIGER (34).
  • 1694 Capt. Edward CHART. On 12 September the CHARLES GALLEY, as part of an Anglo-Dutch expedition against the town, was sent close in to Dunkirk with two bombs and other small vessels to annoy the place.
  • 1695 Capt. Thomas POULTON or POLTON, promoted from being first lieutenant of the CAMBRIDGE on 7 February. Stationed during the year to protect the fishery off the coast of Sussex. In April he captured two French privateers which had been attacking the shipping there for a considerable time. Towards the end of the year he was promoted to the GLOUCESTER.
  • 1695 Capt. Stephen ELLIOT, who removed out of the MAIDSTONE frigate. In November, while cruising off the French coast, he attacked a convoy of 50 small vessels near Havre de Grace, although they were protected by five privateers, he captured two and drove a considerable number ashore. Later, when ordered to reconnoitre the port of Brest, he fell in with a convoy of coasting vessels under the protection of two warships, one of 28 and the other of 44 guns. He successfully defended himself until they hauled off, their charges having got so far ahead to be out of his reach. After convoying some merchant ships to the Canaries and returning home, he removed to a ship of the line.
  • 1702 Capt. Henry MAYNARD. He was appointed on 15 January 1702 but was not long employed and he is not named as commanding any other ship.
  • 1703 Capt. Joseph TAYLOR, appointed 15th. February and employed as a cruiser, in which service he captured several prizes, including a French sloop of war.
  • 1706 Capt. George MARTIN, 23 March.
  • 1707 Capt. John HAGAR, 12 June.
  • 1709 Capt. Edward STOREY, 17 June.
  • 1711 She was returning to Port Mahon from Catalonia with a small squadron under Capt. MIGHEL in the HAMPTON COURT (70), when two French ships were sighted. The TOULOUSE (62), was captured.
  • 1716 Capt. Philip VANBRUGH. He sailed for Gibraltar immediately after with a small squadron under the orders of Vice Ad. CORNWALL. In 1718 when Sir George BYNG arrived off Gibraltar with the fleet, the vice admiral joined him with the ARGYLE, his flagship, and the CHARLES GALLEY. Capt. VANBRUGH was present at the battle with the Spaniards off Cape Passaro in Sicily on 31 July. The CHARLES GALLEY was attached to Rear Admiral George DELAVAL's division.
  • 1718 Capt. Samuel ATKINS, 4 December.

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