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CERBERUS (28) 6th rate Built in 1758, East Cowes.
Burnt in 1783.

  • Launched on 5th. September.
  • 1758 Capt. Charles WEBBER. In October he asked for more iron ballast, but was told that CERBERUS had been allowed the quantity laid down in the establishment for ships of her class. In the following January John MALLOWNY, her boatswain, wrote to the Navy Board, complaining about the irregular and extravagant use of naval stores by the officers, and the treatment he received when he reported this to Mr Rogers, the Master and Mr LISLE and Mr CORNER, the 1st. and 2nd Lieutenants.
  • CERBERUS was employed in the West Indies during the latter part of the commission. She came to Spithead from Havana on 31st. August 1763 and sailed again on the 8th. for Chatham.
  • 1766 'In Ordinary' at Chatham. In January 1767 Commissioner Hanway learned that Robert STEWART, late deputy gunner of the ECHO, had informed the gunner that Robert HOLMES, the boatswain of ECHO, and John MALONY, boatswain of CERBERUS, had sold some of their stores to Robert Misket of Rochester. A survey of the stores was carried out by Robert Vidgeon and as a result MALONEY and Misket were committed to Maidstone gaol. They were indicted at the Assizes in March for embezzlement and receiving, but there being insufficient evidence, they were both acquitted. Nevertheless Hanway recommended that MALONEY should not be allowed to continue in CERBERUS "to corrupt his brethren."
  • 1776 Capt. J. SYMONS, Martha's Vineyard - Long Island.

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