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CAPTAIN (70) 3rd rate Built in 1678, Woolwich DY.
Hulk in 1739.
Broken up in 1762 after two rebuilds.

  • 1718 Capt. HAMILTON, with Rear Ad. DELAVAL's division of Ad. Sir George BYNG's fleet when he attacked the Spanish fleet under Vice Ad. Castaneta off Cape Passaro in Sicily on 31 July 1718.
  • 1723 Capt. Thomas WHORWOOD was appointed in April and CAPTAIN was employed as a guardship for three years before accompanying Sir Charles WAGER to the Baltic. The fleet weighed from the Nore on the morning of 17th. April 1726 and on the 19th. took their departure from Lowestoft church. They anchored in Copenhagen road on the evening of the 23rd. From the end of May the fleet, with a Danish Squadron, lay off the coast at Revel until it was determined that the Russians were in no position to venture an engagement during the current year. The fleet arrived safely in the Gunfleet on 1 November.
  • 1731 Capt. Digby DENT, ordered to the Mediterranean under Sir Charles WAGNER. He continued in the same ship at least until after 1734 when she was one of the fleet collected in the Downs under the command of Sir John NORRIS.
  • 1734 Capt. GEDDISH?, appointed in November.

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