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CANTERBURY (60) 4th rate Built in 1693, Deptford.
Broken up in 1741.

  • 1698 Capt. John WARD (1), Mediterranean station, returning to England at the close of the year when CANTERBURY needed considerable repair.
  • 1718 Capt. George WALTON, Mediterranean, with Sir George BYNG at the action with the Spanish fleet off Cape Passaro in August. When the Spaniards discovered that the fastest sailors among the English ships were close to their fleet, they detached the galleys, bombs, storeships and other small vessels to make for the shore, so the Admiral sent CANTERBURY with ARGYLE and six others after them. As they came up the SAN ISIDORO (46), fired a broadside at ARGYLE, the English ships replied and the SAN ISIDORO, REAL, SORPRESA, SAN FRANCISCO D'ASSISI, a bomb, a settee and a storeship, were taken. Others were burnt. The captured ships were taken into Syracuse. Admiral BYNG received the following letter -
  • SIR, We have taken and destroyed all the Spanish ships which were on the coast. The number as per margin
  • I am, & c.
  • Canterbury, off Syracuse, Aug. 16th. 1718
  • Admiral Mari and 4 Men of War of 60, 54, 40, and 24 guns.
  • A ship laden with Arms, and a Bomb Vessel.
  • Four Men of War of 54, 44, 40 and 30 guns.
  • A Fire-Ship, A Bomb-Vessel.
  • 1726 Capt. Lord FORBES (George GRANARD), Mediterranean, flag captain to Ad. HOPSON, and later, Sir Charles WAGER. On 11 February 1727 the Spaniards had returned a less than satisfactory answer to a remonstrance from the governor over the construction of batteries. CANTERBURY was lying at the end of the old mole and, at about half past three in the afternoon, he fired a single shot over the most advanced Spanish battery. Half an hour later he fired a second. These two warning shots were followed in the evening by a heavy fire on the enemy's works from all the batteries in Gibraltar that would bear. On 11 March, while detached on a cruise with the ROYAL OAK from the main body of the squadron, they captured a new Spanish warship, N. S. DEL ROSARIO (46), bound from Santander to Cadiz. CANTERBURY was not able to get up till just as the enemy surrendered. The prize was carried into Gibraltar on the 13th., and three days later Lord FORBES sailed for Lisbon with the COLCHESTER and DURSLEY GALLEY under his command, and a considerable fleet of merchant ships under convoy. Returning to Gibraltar he was ordered, on 2 April, to command a squadron consisting of CANTERBURY, TYGER, COLCHESTER, WINCHESTER and LYME, with the cruiser and HAWK sloops, and attack a small island near Auriza, on the opposite side of the bay, where the enemy had erected a battery. The boats of the squadron were manned and armed and all was set, when the wind fell to a flat calm and the assault was cancelled. He returned home in April 1728.
  • 1731 Capt. Edmund HOOK, with the fleet ordered to the Mediterranean under Sir Charles WAGER. On Monday 1 February the ship's company were paid their wages due to 31 Dec. 1729. In November 1733 he was appointed to command the 3rd. rate IPSWICH.
  • 1736 Capt. James LUCK or LUCH. He died at Plymouth on 21 December 1736
  • 1738 Capt. TREVOR, Plymouth. (There were four captains named Trevor in the Navy at this time) Warrant were received on 14th. March to clean and refit CANTERBURY, she was taken in on the 24th. and undocked on the 25th. 400 men were were entered on 28th. April and she was paid on the morning of the 5th. May. She sailed for Spithead on 13 May and with SOMERSET, EDINBURGH, LANCASTER, BERWICK, IPSWICH, JERSEY, PLYMOUTH, DRAGON and the SOLEBAY fireship, under the command of Rear Ad. of the Red Nicholas HADDOCK, sailed from St Helen's on the 22nd
  • On 8th. March 1741 a warrant was received at Plymouth to rebuild CANTERBURY, she was to be taken to pieces and a new ship built.

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