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CAMBRIDGE (80) 3rd rate Built in 1695, Deptford,
Broken up in 1750.

  • 1703 Capt. Richard LESTOCK, with Vice Ad. LEAKE's squadron of Sir Cloudesly SHOVEL's fleet in the Mediterranean, and in 1704 with the fleet under Sir George ROOKE which sailed from Gibraltar on 9 August and soon sighted the French fleet. On the 13th. Sir George came within 3 leagues of them, when they brought to, and forming a line, lay in a position to receive him.
  • 1739 Capt. Thomas WHORWOOD or WARWOOD. He was appointed in anticipation of a rupture with Spain and in 1749 served in the Channel fleet under Sir John NORRIS. On his return to port he was appointed to NEPTUNE.
  • 1741 Capt. Joshua (or Joseph) LINGEN, Channel fleet under Sir John NORRIS, on the death of Capt. DURELL he succeeded him in ELIZABETH.
  • 1744 Capt. Charles DRUMMOND, Mediterranean station with the fleet under Ad. Thomas MATTHEWS in the engagement with the French off Toulon on 11 February 1744. He was stationed in the line as one of the seconds to Rear Ad. ROWLEY, but was not engaged. When he returned to England with the other captains ordered home, he was examined on behalf of the crown in the trial of Vice Ad. LESTOCK.

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