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BRISTOL (54) 4th rate Built in 1711, Plymouth DY.
Broken up in 1768.

  • She was launched on 8 May 1711 and commissioned by Capt John HEMINGTON on the 1 June.
  • 1739 Capt. William CHAMBERS, Spithead.
  • 1740 Capt. Benjamin YOUNG, Spithead in January, ordered to the West Indies.
  • 1742 BRISTOL was taken to pieces at Woolwich and rebuilt as a larger vessel. She was re-launched on 9 July 1746.
  • 1746 Capt. William MONTAGUE was appointed to Bristol in July and continued for the remainder of the war, He was present at ANSON's defeat and capture of de la Jonquiere's squadron and on 27 February 1747 he captured a valuable French ship called UNION bound from the Havana to Cadiz, having on board 360,000 dollars, beside a valuable cargo of cochineal and cocoa.
  • 1748 BRISTOL was docked for a refit and Capt MONTAGUE was re-appointed to her, but only for a short time, being succeeded by Capt. John MONTAGUE.
  • 1749 Capt. James OSBORNE. Who was one of the members of the court martial trying Lieut. COUCHMAN and the other mutineers from the CHESTERFIELD. He left BRISTOL at the end of 1751.
  • 1758 Capt. Lachlin LESLIE, on the West Indies station under Commodore MOORE.
    On 17 January 1758 BRISTOL, supported by RIPPON, Capt. JEKYL, attacked fort Negro on the island of Martinique. BRISTOL silenced the guns, then marines from both ships landed and took possession of the fortress which they found had been abandoned by the garrison. When Capt. LESLIE learnt that the fort had been made tenable again he ordered that it should be defended. When it was decided to abandon the attack on Martinique the powder and guns were destroyed. In the attack on Guadeloupe on 23 January 1759 Capt. LESLIE and BRISTOL managed to extricate RIPPON from a situation where she was lying exposed to the fire from a formidable enemy battery. The loss on RIPPON was heavy.
    Capt. LESLIE was immediately removed to BUCKINGHAM and brought home the news of the surrender of the island in May.

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