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BRISTOL (48) Built in 1653, Portsmouth DY.
Sunk 1709.

  • 1693 Rebuilt at Deptford.
  • In 1702 BRISTOL brought from Jamaica Capts. KIRBY and WADE (see DEFIANCE and GREENWICH) who had been sentenced by courts martial. When she arrived at Plymouth on 16 April a death warrant was sent on board and and they were shot on board the ship which had brought them home.
  • 1705 Capt. Thomas MAN, appointed 1st. November.
  • 1706 One of a squadron of seven ships under Sir William WHETSTONE sent out to Jamaica. On his arrival on 7 May he learnt of a squadron of enemy ships off Hispaniola and took his squadron there on 6 June. On 17 June, in sight of Cartagena, he chased a French ship of 46 guns which ran amongst the quays, where BRISTOL came up and captured her after two hours. While Sir William was re-fitting at Jamaica the MONTAGUE (60), was sent to cruise off Hispaniola and engaged two French ships of 48 and 36 guns, but lost them in the night. When they were sighted the next morning his officers and seamen would not fight. Sir William sent BRISTOL and FOLKESTONE in search of them and their convoy. Half the merchantmen were taken but the two men of war were allowed to escape. The senior officer (ANDERSON?) was broke and rendered incapable of serving at sea.
  • On 8 April 1709 BRISTOL was captured by the French ships LíACHILLE, Le DUGUAI TROUIN, and LE GLORIEUX after a very warm dispute. She was recaptured the next day by Lord DURNSLEY but sank soon after, due to a shot in her bread-room, but all the men, except 20, were saved. ACHILLES, much shattered, was saved by quick sailing, GLORIEUX (40), was captured.

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