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BRIDGEWATER (24) 6th rate Built in 1740, Lynn.
Wrecked in 1743.

  • 1741 Robert PETT, Nore for the Downs in November.
  • 1741 Capt. Frederic ROGERS, 2nd December, employed as a cruiser.
    "On 7 December 1742 in the latitude of 46:40, Scilly bearing E. half N. distance 63 Leagues, his Majesty's Ship BRIDGEWATER fell in with a Spanish privateer at half past nine in the Forenoon, which being to windward, bore down upon Capt. ROGERS who kept close upon a wind, under under double-reefed topsails and courses. At 11 o'clock the privateer hoisted an English ensign and fired a shot at the BRIDGEWATER; whereupon Capt ROGERS hoisted a Dutch ensign, hauled up his mainsail and backed his main top-sail; but finding soon after that the privateer made sail from him, he hauled down the Dutch ensign, hoisted English colours, and gave her a broadside; upon which the privateer took down her English ensign, hoisted Spanish, and made all possible sail from BRIDGEWATER, and fired her stern chase guns. Capt. ROGERS crowded sail after her, and plied her with his bow chase guns until 3 in the afternoon when he came up with her and gave her another broadside which she returned. About 9, being close under her lee quarter, he gave her another broadside and small arms, upon which she called for quarter and Capt. ROGERS brought her into Plymouth. She is called the Santa la Rita, alias El Neptuno, carried 140 men, with 18 carriage and 8 swivel guns, and came out of Bilboa a few days before she was taken."
    London Gazette 25 Dec. 1742. No. 8182
  • 1743 Capt. William FIELDING. On 11 January he was promoted out of the sloop FLY on the Irish station. BRIDGEWATER was lost off Newfoundland on the 18 September following. Capt. FIELDING was acquitted of all blame.

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