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BOYNE (80) 2nd rate Built in 1739, Deptford DY.
Broken up in 1763.

  • 1740 Capt. Richard LESTOCK.
    In November he hoisted the broad pendant of an established commodore and was commander of a division of the fleet sent to reinforce Vice Adm. VERNON in the West Indies. Their first operation was the abortive attack on Carthagena. although they arrived in Playa Granda Bay on 4th. March, no attack was made until the 9th., when VERNON and Sir Challoner OGLE bombarded the forts and batteries at the entrance to the harbour and it was not until the 23rd. that Capt. LESTOCK, with five ships of his squadron was ordered to weigh, and attack the castle of Boca Chica. After the failure of the Carthagena expedition, Capt. LESTOCK was ordered to return to England in the PRINCESS CAROLINE with twelve two-deckers and five frigates.
  • On the 27th. January 1743 Adm. VERNON in the BOYNE made St. David's Head at 7 in the morning, where the vessel struck on a bed of rocks, but got off at noon and arrived safe in Kingsroad, Bristol. On the 15th. he arrived in London and the next day he was received by the King.
  • 1746 Capt. Thomas ALLISON was appointed to her on 9 February.

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