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BOYNE (80) 2nd rate Built in 1692, Deptford DY.
Broken up in 1733.

  • 1702 Capt. John CRANBY, as successor to Lord HAMILTON, and sent to the West Indies under Commodore WALKER. He died on 19th. December in the same year.
  • 1703 Capt. Thomas DAY, promoted out of BLACKWALL on his arrival in the West Indies to succeed Capt. CRANBY. He died in August 1703.
  • 1703 Capt. Sampson BOURNE, promoted from lieutenant to post-captain in BOYNE.
  • 1704 Capt. James BERKELEY, who was about 23 years old. He was promoted to command BOYNE at the beginning of the year and in March he was called to the House of the Lords, by writ, under the name Lord DURSLEY. He was sent out under Sir Cloudsley SHOVELL to reinforce the fleet in the Straits commanded by Sir George ROOKE. He seconded Sir John LEAKE at the battle off Malaga,the BOYNE suffering more than any ship except that of the Admiral, 14 of the crew being killed and 52 desperately wounded; among the latter being the 1st. lieutenant, the master and the boatswain. His next command was the ST. GEORGE in 1706.

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