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BONETTA (4) Sloop Built in 1699, Deptford.
Sold in 1712.

  • 1702 Capt. George CAMMOCK, employed as a cruiser between Cape Finisterre and Cape Clear.
    Extract from a letter dated from Falmouth June 8th. 1702:-
    "Her majesty's ship the Bonetta sloop, captain Cammock commander is put in here, who, on the 31st. of last month, met with a Portuguese ship bound from Oporto to London; the master whereof reports that on the 23rd. he met with the squadron of her majesty's ships commanded by Sir John Munden, 25 leagues off Cape Finisterre, bearing north-west, and that they had taken two French ships richly laden from Martinique. This morning Capt. Cammock met the May Flower, from the Canaries, James Tresleen, master, bound to this place, who says war was not yet declared at the Canaries when he came away; but that the English merchants there were imprisoned by the governor on the probability of a war."

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