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BLONDE (32) 5th rate Taken in 1760.
Wrecked in 1782.

  • 1760 Captured by AEOLUS in the Irish Sea.
  • 1760 Capt. Archibald KENNEDY, commissioned in August. In February 1762 took off Cape Finisterre a large ship bound from Bordeaux to St. Domingo, carrying 18 carriage guns and seventy-five men.
    In March he took a French privateer of 12 guns and a crew of 116 men. At the end of February in the following year he took and carried in to Lisbon, L'BERTIN, a French East India ship of 500 tons burthen, carrying 20 guns and 189 men. This ship was homeward bound from Mauritius and laden with coffee and sugar and other valuable commodities worth one hundred and fifty thousand pounds. He continued in BLONDE until after the end of the war, and in the spring of 1763 was appointed to the COVENTRY.
  • 1781 Capt. Andrew BARCLAY, in the BLONDE frigate, with the DELIGHT and OTTER sloops, and some galleys and gunboats, co-operated with a detachment of the army sent by Colonel Balfour from Charleston, under the command of Major Craig; sailing up the Cape Fear river, compelled the town of Wilmington, and the Americans who appeared for its defence, to surrender at discretion. Six or seven armed vessels were captured in the river.

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