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BLANDFORD (20) 6th rate Built in 1719, Deptford.
Sold in 1742.

  • 1719 Capt. William MARTIN appointed on 9 February out of the SEAHORSE frigate.
    During 1720 and 1721 he served in the Baltic under his patron Sir John NORRIS. Capt. MARTIN was next ordered to America to suppress piracy and his success can be measured by the warm addresses he received from merchants and the public letter of approbation he received from the secretary of state.
  • 1733 Capt. George BURRISH. promoted into BLANDFORD on 7 May.
    At the end of 1735 he carried General Oglethorpe to Georgia to organise the settlement of that colony. On 19 February 1738, warrants were received at Portsmouth to refit BLANDFORD to return to GEORGIA and she arrived on the morning of the 20th. and was taken into the Double Dock on 1 March. On 26 March a further warrant ordered accommodation to be provided for Colonel Oglethorpe and Capt. BURRISH asked for the state room and galleries to be painted green and his pinnace, vermillion. A new hen-coop and top light were fitted, but on 15th. April the dockyard had insufficient funds to pay BLANDFORD. She was paid on the 24th. but recalls of the crew were still delayed until the receipt of more money. She finally sailed for St. Helen's from Spithead on 27 June. He continued in command until 1741.

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