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BETTY (36) 3rd rate Purchased or hired in 1695.
Sold in 1702.

  • 1696 Capt. Thomas LAMBERT. He was promoted to post-captain in her on 20 October.
    With a detached squadron under Capt. Thomas Harlow and consisting of TORBAY (80), DEVONSHIRE (80), RESTORATION (70), and BETTY, which was cruising in the mouth of the Channel on 14 August 1697, when they sighted a French squadron under De Pointis returning home laden with Spanish gold after raiding Cartagena. They engaged until the French drew off, then gave chace until the French entered Brest on the 17th., the English lost 18 killed and 47 wounded. He continued commanding BETTY after the peace of Ryswick and in 1698 was ordered to the Mediterranean where he died on 16 February 1692.
  • 1701 Capt. Peregrine BERTIE, promoted into BETTY on 3 March.
    On 1st. September Lieut. MARTIN of BETTY appeared before a court martial on board BRITANNIA at Blackstakes, charged with defaming the captain by reporting that he might have recaptured a merchant ship taken by a French privateer on 1st. June. Lieut. MARTIN denied saying the words and since the master of the merchant ship who had allegedly told the captain had already sailed, the court decided that there was no case to answer.
  • Capt. BERTIE was afterwards promoted to PANTHER.

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