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BERWICK (70) 3rd rate Built in 1743, Deptford DY.
Broken up in 1760.

  • 1749 Capt. Hugh BONFOY. Appointed in July. He was a member of the court martial held on board INVINCIBLE for the trial of the mutineers who had attempted to carry off the CHESTERFIELD from the coast of Guinea.
  • 1753 Capt. Charles CATFORD, appointed to BERWICK, guardship at Portsmouth in February. In March 1755 he removed to CAPTAIN (70).
  • 1756 About the month of June Capt. Robert HUGHES was appointed to BERWICK.
    At the beginning of 1758 she was employed on the Mediterranean station under Admiral OSBORNE. On the last day of February he had the good fortune to assist in the defeat and capture of a small French squadron under the Marquis de Quesne. Returning to England towards the close of the year he removed to NORFOLK as a Commodore ordered to the West Indies.

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