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BELLONA (30) 6th rate A French privateer taken in 1747.
Sold in 1749.

  • 1747 Capt. Hon. Samuel BARRINGTON, 29th. May.
    Shortly after taking command he captured a French ship outward bound for the East Indies :-
    "At nine in the morning his majesty's ship Bellona gave chase to a sail standing to the eastward, and at one discovered her to be an enemy. In three quarters of an hour the chase hoisted French colours and fired at the Bellona, which captain Barrington, not thinking himself near enough, did not return (being but just within point blank) till almost two o'clock, when, Ushant bearing E. distance three leagues, he began to engage her closely, and continued till half past four, when she struck. She proved to be a French East India ship, from port l'Orient, called the Duc de Chartres, of 700 tons, 30 guns and 197 men, laden with beef, flour, brandy, wine and oil; and had on board three mortars, and a great number of shells."
    Killed of the French - 25. Wounded - 18.
    Killed of the Bellona - 3. Wounded - 7.
  • Before the end of the year he was promoted to the ROMNEY (50).
  • 1747 Capt. John CAMPBELL, 23 Nov.

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